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Medical Coding  Automation

An innovative solution that addresses the challenges of converting information from patient letters and referrals into universal or NHS medical codes.

How it works

The Medical Coding application, powered by AI, is an innovative solution that addresses the challenges of converting information from patient letters and referrals into universal or NHS medical codes. The application leverages advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to read and analyze the content of letters received from various channels, such as mail managers and Docman.

In the healthcare industry, accurate medical coding is crucial for proper billing, insurance claims processing, and overall financial management. However, manually converting healthcare terms to standardized medical codes is a complex and error-prone process, which can lead to financial losses and operational inefficiencies.

By automating this process with AI, the Medical Coding application significantly reduces the risk of errors and financial losses. The AI algorithms can accurately interpret and understand the content of the letters, extracting relevant medical information, diagnoses, procedures, and treatments, and then mapping them to the appropriate universal medical codes.

Analyses patient's letters for specific information

Converts information in the letter into medical codes provided by NHS

Key Features

Increased Accuracy: AI-driven medical coding significantly improves the accuracy of code assignments, minimizing billing errors and ensuring appropriate reimbursement for healthcare services.

Time Savings: Automation accelerates the coding process, reducing the time required for manual data entry and coding, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.

Cost Savings: By reducing coding errors, the application helps avoid financial losses due to underbilling, overbilling, or claim denials, leading to cost savings for the healthcare organization.

Standardization: The application ensures uniformity and adherence to universal or NHS medical coding standards, promoting consistency in healthcare documentation and billing practices.

Scalability: AI can handle large volumes of patient letters and referrals, making the application easily scalable to accommodate the organizations needs as it grows.

Compliance and Audit Trail: The Medical Coding application maintains a clear audit trail, providing documentation of coding decisions for compliance purposes.

Watch a Demo

Watch our meticulously created video to display and highlight how our software handle all the steps automatically and efficiently.

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The QoAF automation app plays a vital role in revenue optimization by
proactively managing and achieving the KPIs set by the NHS. By automating the process of identifying patients and connecting with them to improve performance, the app empowers healthcare organizations to enhance revenue, patient care, and overall operational efficiency.

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