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The RPA-powered Referral Process

The RPA-powered Referral Process for surgeries in the UK is a game-changing solution that has revolutionized how referrals are managed.

How it works

When a referral request is initiated from Portal, the Automation gets data from Clinical System (EMIS, SystmOne etc..), such as patient details, medical history, consultations, documents etc. The administrative staff then chooses the ideal destination hospital, clinic and service, then referral efficiently routed via the referral via eRS, automatically scheduling appointments and notifying both patients and relevant medical personnel.

By replacing manual handling with the speed and precision of automation, the RPA solution significantly reduces processing time and minimizes the risk of errors. This not only lightens the workload for administrative staff but also results in improved patient satisfaction due to quicker and more accurate referrals, leading to enhanced overall healthcare experiences.

Referral Request Created

Data collected from EMIS

or other clinical system

Patient directed to Provider

By admin Staff via ERS

Automated Notification 

Sent to both Provider and Patient

ovoteck 2.png

Key Features

Efficient Referral Processing: By using bots instead of human administrators, the referral process becomes faster and more streamlined. Bots can handle repetitive tasks at a rapid pace, reducing the time it takes to process each referral.

Reduced Admin Staff Load: Automating the referral process with RPA significantly reduces the burden on administrative staff. This allows them to focus on more complex and critical tasks, ultimately increasing overall productivity and efficiency within the healthcare system.

Improved Patient Satisfaction: The automation of the referral process ensures a smoother and error-free handling of referrals. Faster processing times mean patients can receive timely appointments and necessary care, leading to increased patient satisfaction with the healthcare services provided.

Error Minimization: Human errors can occur during manual data entry and routing processes. With bots handling the referral process, the risk of errors is greatly minimized, leading to improved accuracy in patient data and routing decisions.

Cost Savings: RPA implementation can lead to significant cost savings for healthcare providers. It reduces the need for additional administrative staff and minimizes the expenses associated with error corrections and delays.

Continuous Process Improvement: RPA solutions can collect data and insights on the referral process, enabling continuous monitoring and optimization for even greater efficiency and accuracy over time.

Watch a Demo

Watch our meticulously created video to display and highlight how our software handle all the steps automatically and efficiently.

More than 20
GP Practices on board all across the UK

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

RPA-based solution appears to be a valuable addition to the healthcare system in your surgery, addressing challenges in the referral process while enhancing patient satisfaction and operational effectiveness. As with any technology implementation, it's crucial to monitor its performance regularly and make adjustments to ensure ongoing success and improvement.

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