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Docman Automation Process

Powerful solution that effectively manages the influx of documents within the organization

How it works

The Docman Automation system is a powerful solution that effectively manages the influx of documents within the organization. As a central hub, it serves as a dispatcher, leveraging advanced data extraction capabilities, the system intelligently compares the extracted information against predefined rules, allowing it to accurately determine the most suitable recipient for each document, whether it be a doctor, nurse, or administrative staff member.

Once the appropriate recipient is identified, the automation system swiftly sends the document to the designated person or team, ensuring timely and efficient distribution. Additionally, the bot ensures that each document is securely stored in the respective patient's folder, creating an organized and accessible record for future reference.

Document is uploaded and automatically determines the recepient

Automatically send to the designated person of the team

Key Features

Enhanced Efficiency: Automation reduces manual handling and speeds up the document distribution process. Staff members receive documents promptly, allowing them to act on the information more quickly and efficiently.

Reduced Manual Errors: By automating document distribution based on predefined rules, the system significantly reduces the risk of human errors in routing documents to the wrong recipients.

Time Savings: Staff members no longer need to spend time manually sorting and distributing documents. Automation frees up valuable time for them to focus on more critical tasks.

Improved Organization: The automation system saves documents to the respective
patient folders systematically, leading to a more organized and easily accessible record-keeping process.

Streamlined Workflow: The automation system optimizes workflow processes, reducing bottlenecks and delays in document distribution, leading to a more efficient organization overall.

Cost Savings: By automating document management, the organization can potentially reduce administrative costs, save resources, and improve overall cost-effectiveness.

Watch a Demo

Watch our meticulously created video to display and highlight how our software handle all the steps automatically and efficiently.

More than 20
GP Practices on board all across the UK

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

With Docman automation in place, the risk of human errors in document routing and storage is minimized, leading to improved accuracy and compliance. Moreover, the system's ability to handle large volumes of documents makes it scalable to meet the organization's evolving needs.

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